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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Daryl Holton

Offender: Daryl Holton murdered his three children and their half sister.

Meal: Daryl Holton declined a last meal, and received a standard meal of riblets in a bun, mixed vegetables, baked beans, white cake, and iced tea. I had it all at Walmart.

Total Cost: $2.97(riblets) + $2.62(buns) + $1.98(white cake) + $1.14(baked beans) + $1.14(mixed vegetables) + $1.00(tea) = $10.85‬

Adjusted Cost: $1.98(riblets) + $0.66(buns) + $1.98(white cake) + $1.14(baked beans) + $1.14(mixed vegetables) + $1.00(tea) = $8.88‬

Citation: https://www.investigationdiscovery.com/crimefeed/crime-history/crime-history-daryl-holton-gulf-war-vet-who-killed-his-4-kids-dies-in-electric-chair

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

John Errol Ferguson

Offender: John Errol Ferguson and accomplices Marvin Francois and Beauford White broke into a house, killed six people, and wounded two. He later killed two more people on his own.

  • John Errol Ferguson choose a chicken sandwich and sweet tea for his last meal. I had them both a Chic-fil-A. After this he was issued a stay.
  • For his actual last meal, John Errol Ferguson declined a special meal, and received a standard meal of a meat patty, a vegetable patty, white bread, carrots, potato salad, stewed tomatoes, and iced tea.
  • First meal: $3.79(chicken sandwich) + 1.79(tea) = $5.58
  • Second meal:
    • Total Cost: $6.67(beef patties) + $3.22(veggie patties) + $2.37(potato salad) + $1.88(carrots) + $1.64(bread loaf) + $1.00(tea) + $0.98(tomatoes) = $17.76
    • Adjusted Cost: $1.67(beef patty) + $0.81(veggie patty) + $1.18(potato salad) + $0.47(carrots) + $0.70(bread slices) + $1.00(tea) + $0.98(tomatoes) = $6.61

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Victor Kennedy

Offender: Victor Kennedy and accomplice Darrell Grayson robbed and killed an elderly woman.

Meal: Victor Kennedy choose fried chicken, fries, and a hot pepper. I had chicken and fries from Brown's Chicken, and a poblano from Jewel.

State: Alabama

Cost: $4.999(chicken) + $3.50(side and drink) + $0.27(pepper) = $8.26

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

George Ochoa

Offender: George Ochoa robbed a house and killed a couple.

Meal: George Ochoa choose meat pizza and coke. I had them both at Wheaton Bowl, replacing the coke with pepsi.

State: Oklahoma

Cost: $9.95(pizza) + $1.75(bacon) + $1.25(pepperoni) + $1.25(sausage) + $2.33(drink) = $16.53

Citation: https://www.mcalesternews.com/news/oklahoma-death-row-inmate-s-last-words-i-m-innocent/article_ce974726-5f5e-5f8b-ba33-5b1a6757bafe.html

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Stanley Lingar

Offender: Stanley Lingar and his accomplice shot and beat a man.

Meal: Stanley Lingar choose a corned beef sandwich and fries. I had them at Village Tarven

State: Missouri

Cost: $9.55(corned beef sandwich with fries)

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Paul Jennings Hill

Offender: Paul Jennings Hill shot an abortion doctor, his bodyguard, and the bodyguards wife. He killed the former two and wounded the latter.

Meal: Paul Jennings Hill choose steak, baked potato, broccoli, salad, iced tea, and orange sherbet. I had all of it at Red Lobster, except the sherbet which was from Oberweis.

State: Florida

Cost: 23.99(steak, sides, and salad) + $3.39(iced tea) + $1.29(orange sherbet) = $28.67 

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Alan Willett

Offender: Alan Willett killed his son and brother with a window weight.

Meal: Alan Willett choose beef jerky, barbecue-flavored potato chips, onion dip, garlic dip, buttered popcorn, and Pepsi. I had them all at Walmart.

State: Arkansas

Total Cost: $3.98(beef jerky) + $2.98(popcorn) + $1.98(mayonnaise) + $1.98(garlic dip) + $1.78(pepsi) + $1.52(French onion mix) + $1.00(sour cream) + $1.00(bbq chips) = $18.10

Adjusted Cost: $3.98(beef jerky) + $0.50(popcorn) + $0.50(mayonnaise) + $1.98(garlic dip) + $1.78(pepsi) + $0.61(French onion mix) + $0.25(sour cream) + $0.25(bbq chips) = $12.22

Citation: http://www.executedtoday.com/2011/09/08/1999-double-execution-in-arkansas/