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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Brian Steckel

Offender: Brian Steckel broke into the aparment of Sandra Lee Long. After abusing her, he set the apartment on fire suffocating her.

Meal: Brian Steckel choose a Cheesesteak, a Pepsi, and Coleslaw. I had the former two from Great Steak and Potato, and the latter from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Cost: Cheesesteak and Pepsi ($9.10) + Coleslaw ($2.08) = $11.18

State: Delaware 


In Memoriam:

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Lowell Lee Andews

Offender: On 1958, Lowell Lee Andews was on Thanksgiving vacation from University of Kansas. He pulled out a revolver and rifle, and gunned down his parents and sister.

Meal: Lowell Lee Andews choose two Fried Chickens, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes and Gravey, and Apple Pie a la Mode. For my recreation I had two chicken pieces and the sides from KFC and I had an Apple Crisp Sundae from Oberweis. Due to its limited availability, I later made la mode using Apple Pie and a Ice Cream Cone from Burger King. 

Limited Edition Cost:  $5.99(Fried Chicken and sides) + Apple Crisp Vanilla ($6.29) = $12.28

Other Cost:  $5.99(Fried Chicken and sides) + $1.69(apple pie) + $0.75(ice cream cone) = $8.43

State: Kansas 

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Andrew Lackey

Offender: On October 31, 2005, Andrew Lackey broke into the house of Charles Newman, believing it to contain a vault of gold and cash. After a confrontation between the two, Lackey stabbed Newman, and shot him with his own gun.

Meal: Andrew Lackey had Grilled Cheese, Fries and Turkey Bologna.  For my recreation, I had the former two from Smokehouse and the latter from Jewel.

Total Cost: Grilled Cheese and Fries ($4.11) + Turkey Bologna ($3.04) = $7.15

Adjusted Cost: Grilled Cheese and Fries ($4.11) Turkey Bologna ($0.76) = $4.86

State: Alabama 

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