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Sunday, February 26, 2017

David Alan Gore

Offender: David Alan Gore and his cousin Fred Waterfield were both serial killers who claimed six victims. Gore was spotted shooting his latest victim, leading to his arrest, and the rescue of another potential victim. 

Meal: David Alan Gore choose fried chicken, fries, and butter pecan. I had a leg and thigh pieces from KFC, and a two scoop butter pecan cup and fries from Culver's. 

Cost: $5.26(Fries and ice cream) + $4.85(Fried chicken) = $10.21

State: Florida

Citation: http://www.gainesville.com/news/20120412/gore-executed-nearly-30-years-after-string-of-murders/1

Friday, February 10, 2017

Miscellaneous Single Items

James Edward Smith:
Shot an insurance executive during a robbery. Asked for a lump of dirt for a vodoo ritual, but accepted yogurt when it was refused. I choose Peach Chobani Greek Yougurt. $1.59

Gerald Lee Mitchell
Shoot two young men he was in offering weed, killing one of them and injuring the other. The same day he killed another man for his necklace. Choose a bag of Jolly Ranchers. $2.79

Douglas Wright
Killed three homeless men by luring them with jobs. Choose a honeybun. $1.89

Delbert Boyd Teaugue
Shoot two men, killing one of them, after the man he kidnapped escaped and approached them for help. Refused a meal, but his mom made him have a hamburger. $1.29

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Karla Faye Tucker

Offender: Karla Faye Tucker and her accomplice Danny Garret broke into the home of Jerry Dean to steal his motorcycle. In the process Tucker killed Dean and a guest named Deborah Thorton with a pickaxe.

Meal: Karla Faye Tucker choose a garden salad with ranch dressing, as well as a banana and peach. I got the former two from my college cafeteria and the latter from Jewel.

Cost: $.85 + $5.67 = $6.52