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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Randy Greenawalt

Offender: Randy Greenawalt murdered a trucker and was suspected of killing more. For this he was given life without parole. In prison he meet a man named Gary Tison, who had his sons break them out. While on the lam, the gang killed a family in Arizona and then a couple in Colorado.

Meal: Randy Greewnwalt choose two burgers, fries, coffee, and milk. I had the fries from Brown's Chicken; the beef patties from Walmart; and the buns, coffee, and milk from Jewel.

State: Arizona

Total Cost: $5.50(patties) + $2.25(fries) + $1.67(milk) + $1.50(coffee) + $2.99(buns) = $13.91

Adjusted Cost: $2.25(patties)  + 2.25(fries) + 1.67(milk) + $1.50(coffee) + $0.37(buns) = $9.04

Citation: http://tucsoncitizen.com/morgue2/1997/01/23/98025-greenawalt-executed-for-murders/

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Julius Neuschafer

Offender: Julius "Jimmy" Neuschafer murdered two teenage girls, and a fellow prison inmate. 

Meals: Jimmy Neuschafer had two "last meals", but in the end, died before he could be executed:
  • For his first meal he had steak and lobster. After eating the meal, he contacted his lawyer, and had him issue a stay. I had both of them as a combo at Red Lobster. 
  • For his second meal he had a fried chicken, chocolate chip ice cream, and a chocolate shake. He again called his lawyer and had him appeal. I had the chicken and ice cream from Walmart and the shake from Five Guys. 
State: Nevada 

  • First Meal: $36.49(steak and lobster)
  • Second Meal: $4.79(shake) + $3.88(ice cream) + $1.48(chicken) = $10.15
Citation: https://m.lasvegassun.com/news/2007/oct/15/he-says-hes-ready-will-he-die-tonight/

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Sebastian Bridges

Offender: Sebastian Bridges was married to a prison nurse he meet as a inmate. When he wife left him for another man, he lured them in and shot the lover.

Meal: Sebastian Bridges choose lobster tail, french bread, crab salad, mango, aloe juice, vanilla ice cream, and cheesecake. I had all of those things from Walmart.

State: Nevada

Total Cost: $16.54(lobster tails) + $3.88(ice cream) + $3.47(crab salad) + $2.98(cheesecake) + $1.28(mango) + $1.28(aloe juice) + $1.00(french bread) = $30.43

Total Cost: $8.27(lobster tail) + 3.88(ice cream) + 3.47(crab salad) + 2.98(cheesecake) + 1.28(mango) + 1.28(aloe juice) + $0.16(french bread) = $21.42

Citation: http://www.rgj.com/story/news/crime/2017/11/03/16-last-meal-requests-nevadas-death-row-inmates/827460001/

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Richard Leavitt

Offender: Richard Leavitt stabbed a woman to death as she slept in bed.

Meal: Richard Leavitt choose baked chicken, fries, and milk. I got the chicken and fries from Brown's Chicken, and the milk from Jewel.

State: Idaho

Cost: 4.99(chicken) + 2.25(fries) + 1.67(milk) = $8.91

Citation: https://claimyourinnocence.wordpress.com/2012/05/26/idaho-update-richard-leavitt-execution-june-12/

Friday, March 9, 2018

Stephen Wayne Anderson

Offender: Stephen Wayne Anderson broke into the house of an elderly woman. Before he was arrested he helped himself to milk and noodles in his victims house.

Meal: Stephen Wayne Anderson choose a slice of peach pie, radishes, hominy and corn, a pint of cottage cheese, a pint of chocolate chip ice cream, and two grilled cheese sandwiches. I got the peach pie, radishes, and hominy from Jewel; the corn, cottage cheese, and ice cream from Walgreen's; and the sandwiches from Smokehouse. Later that day I had a bowl of noodles and bottle of milk also from Walgreen's.

 Last Meal:
  • Total Cost: $2.99 (pie) + $1.29(radishes + 1.25(hominy) + $1.11(corn) + $2.99(cottage cheese) + $5.49(ice cream) + $5.98(sandwiches) = $21.10
  • Adjusted Cost: $2.99 (pie) + $1.29(radishes) + $0.31(hominy) + $0.22(corn) + $2.99(cottage cheese) + $5.49(ice cream) + $5.98(sandwiches) = $19.27
Pre-Arrest Meal:
  • Total Cost: $1.99(milk) + $1.79(noodles) =  $3.78
  • Adjusted Cost: $1.99(milk) + $0.44 (noodles) =  $2.43

State: California

Citation: http://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/last-meals-of-death-row/5/

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Linroy Bottoson

Offender: Linroy Bottoson robbed a post office, kidnapped the postmistress, and killed her.

Meal: Linroy Bottoson had a couple of "last meals" but both times the execution was stayed. In the end he had the standard meal of the day.
  • For his first "last meal" Bottoson had steamed shrimp, fried oysters, apple pie, and butter pecan ice cream. I got all of this from Walmart.
  • For his second meal, Bottoson had barbecued ribs, onion rings, fries, coleslaw, apple pie, and milk. I got the ribs from Jewel; the rings, fries, and slaw from Culver's; the pie from Walmart; and the milk from the attached Subway.
  • For his actual last meal, Bottoson had the standard meal of beef patties, cheese, and bread. I had two Angus beef patties with a slice of provolone and Colby jack from Walmart, and oat nut bread from Jewel.
State: Florida

First Meal:
  • Total Cost: $5.24(shrimp) + 3.88(ice cream) + $2.72(oysters) + $0.50(apple pie) = $12.34
  • Adjusted Cost: $2.62(shrimp) + $3.88(ice cream) + $2.72(oysters) + $0.50(apple pie) = $9.72
Second Meal:
  • Total Cost: $12.99(ribs) + $2.89(onion rings + $1.99(fries) + $1.99(coleslaw) + $1.59(milk) + $1.59(milk) + $0.50(apple pie) = $23.54
  • Adjusted Cost: $7.42(ribs) + $2.89(onion rings + $1.99(fries) + $1.99(coleslaw) + $1.59(milk) + $1.59(milk) + $0.50(apple pie) = $17.97
Standard Meal :
  • Total Cost: $5.50(patties) + $0.29(provolone) + $0.23(Colby jack) + $3.49(bread loaf) = $9.51
  • Adjusted Cost: $2.25(patties) + $0.15(provolone) + $0.12(Colby jack) + $0.84(bread slices) = $3.36
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