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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Paul Ezra Rhoades

Offender: Paul Ezra Rhoades was responsible for the shooting deaths of three people, one male and two female, on separate occasions.

Meal: Paul Ezra Rhoades chose strawberry ice cream, hot dogs, beans, sauerkraut, veggie straws, and fruit with gelatin. I got the ice cream at Oberweis, the hot dogs at the adjoining That Burger Joint!, and the rest at Jewel.

Total Cost: $8.00(Hot Dogs) + $3.39(Ice Cream) + $2.99(Veggie Sticks) + $2.99(Fruit Cups) +$2.29(Sauerkraut) +$1.00(Beans) = $17.66

Adjusted Cost: $8.00(Hot Dogs) + $3.39(Ice Cream) + $.43(Veggie Sticks) + $.75(Fruit Cups) +$0.25(Sauerkraut) +$.75(Beans) = $11.59

State: Idaho

Citations: https://www.idoc.idaho.gov/content/story/front_news/rhoades_last_meal

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Marcel Williams

Offender: Marcel Williams kidnapped Stacy Errickson, forced her to withdraw money, and then killed her. 

Meal: Marcel Williams choose three chicken breasts; potato wedges mountain dew; nachos with ground beef, cheese sauce and jalapenos; banana pudding; and ice cream. I choose the chicken, wedges, and drink from KFC; the nachos from Qdoba; the pudding from Jewel; and the ice cream fro Culver's. He was the third of a controversial quadruple execution, done to use drugs before they expired.

Total Cost: $2.29(Ice Cream) + 7.80(Nachos) + $1.27(Pudding) + $10.49(Big Box Meal) = $21.75

Total Cost: $2.29(Ice Cream) + 7.80(Nachos) + $0.25(Pudding) + $10.49(Big Box Meal)) = $20.73

State: Arkansas

Citation: http://www.newsweek.com/arkansas-death-row-inmates-last-meals-591767

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hastings Arthur Wise

Offender: Hasting Arthur Wise committed a shooting spree at the R.E. Phelon lawnmower plant, due to facing racial discrimination and being fired. He killed three people, injured four, and tried to kill himself with insecticide.

Meal: Wise choose fries, coleslaw, lobster tail, banana pudding, and milk. I got the fries at Culver's, the Coleslaw at KFC, and the rest at Jewel. 

Total Cost: $2.29(coleslaw) + $2.04(fries) + $1.00(pudding) + $6.99(lobster tail) + $1.67(milk) = $13.99

Adjusted Cost: $2.29(coleslaw) + $2.04(fries) + $0.25(pudding) + $6.99(lobster tail) + $1.67(milk) = $13.24

State: South Carolina

Citation: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/17/famous-last-meals_n_879020.html?slideshow=true#gallery/30000/1

John David Duty

Offender: John David Duty of robbed a store, and kidnapped a woman. He and an accomplice took her to a barn and shot her. Surprisingly, she was able to walk a mile to get help. Not content with a life sentence, Duty tried to cause trouble to force his execution. The first time, he held eight people at medical unit hostage. One of them, a psychologist, took him to his office and talked him down. The second time, Duty convinced his cellmate, to act as a hostage, and killed him. To this day, his execution is seen an example of using the state as a suicicde method.

Meal: John David Duty choose a double cheeseburger, a footlong hotdog with onions, a cherry limade, and a bannana shake. I had all the items at Sonic, with the shake replaced with Bannana Cream Pie.

Cost: $5.19(double cheeseburger) + 4.39(shake) + $3.99(footlong dog) + $2.59(limeade) = $16.16

State: Oklahoma