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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Wesley Baker

Offender: Wesley Baker killed a woman who was leaving the mall with her young grandchildren.

Meal: Wesley Baker received the standard meal of pasta marinara, breaded fish, beans, bread, milk, and orange juice. The pasta and sauce were leftovers from Ultra Foods and Caputo's respectively, and the rest were from Jewel.

State: Maryland

Total Cost: $0.99(beans) + $1.99(milk) + $1.49(orange juice) + $4.99(salmon fillets) + $3.49(bread loaf) + $1.39(linguine) + $2.29(pasta sauce) = $16.63

Adjusted Cost: $0.45(beans) + $1.99(milk) + $1.49(orange juice) + $1.66(salmon fillets) + $0.21(bread slice) + $0.28(linguine) + $0.38(pasta sauce) = $6.36

Citation: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/bal-te.md.baker06dec06-story.html

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Troy Davis

Offender: Troy Davis was assaulted a man, and then shot a cop who intervened.

Meal: Troy Davis refused a special meal and received a standard meal consists of cheeseburgers, grape soda, potatoes, coleslaw, cookies, and baked beans. I got the burgers and drink from Smokehouse and the rest from Jewel.

State: Georgia

Cost: $8.50(burgers) + $1.75(soda) + $1.00(beans) + $0.99 (cookies) + $0.92(coleslaw) + $2.31(potatoes) = $15.47

Citation: http://www.cbs46.com/story/15470025/death-row-inmate-troy-davis-declined-special-last-meal

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Michael Ross

Offender: Micheal Ross was a serial killer who killed several women in Connecticut

Meal: Micheal Ross declined a special meal and instead choose the standard meal of turkey la king with rice and vegetables, a slice of bread, a fruit, and a drink.

Total Cost: $1.09(peas) + $1.79(olives) + $2.99(celery) + $1.29(beans) + $2.79(rice) + 1.25(hominy) + $1.11(corn) + $0.79(broth) + $1 .88(turkey dinner) + $3.49(bread loaf) + 1.79(milk bottle) + $1.28(peach) = $17.46

Adjusted Cost: $0.36(peas) + $.60(olives) + $0.66(celery) + $1.29(beans) + $0.55(rice) + $0.31(hominy) + $0.22(corn) + $0.21(bread slice) + 1.79(milk bottle) +$1.28(peach) =  $7.27

State: Connecticut

Citation: http://www.lifedeathprizes.com/real-life-crime/michael-ross-killer-who-wanted-to-die-17213

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Ignacio Cuevas

Offender: Ignacio Cuevas, along with two other inmates, held a unit of the Huntsville prison hostage. When prison officials broke the siege, he was the only survivor.

Meal: Ignacio Cuevas chose chicken and dumplings, rice, black eyed peas, sliced bread, and black eyed peas. For the tea I mixed Mio Lemonade and Sweet Tea mixes from Walgreen's. Everything else was from Jewel.

Total Cost: $2.99(chicken and dumplings) + $1.67(rice) + $2.50(black eyed peas) + 3.99(tea) + $3.99(lemonade) + $3.49(bread loaf) = $15.14

Adjusted Cost: $2.99(chicken and dumplings) + $0.83(rice) + $0.50(black eyed peas) + $0.12(tea) + $0.12(lemonade) + $0.21(bread slice) = $4.77

State: Texas

Citation: https://www.upi.com/Archives/1991/05/23/Only-inmate-prison-siege-survivor-executed/7926674971200/