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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Angel Nieves Diaz

Offender: Angel Nieves Diaz and two accomplices raided a strip club and killed the manager.

Meal: Angel Nieves Diaz declined a last meal. He was served a standard meal of tacos with turkey, pinto beans, rice, seasoning, shredded cheese; apple crisp; and ice tea. He refused this as well. I had all of this from Walmart.

State: Florida

$8.52(turkey breast) + $2.48(crisp mix) + $2.22(cheese) + $0.20(butter) + $1.98(tortillas) + $1.84(rice) + $0.92(beans) + $0.44(taco seasoning) = $20.48

$2.48(turkey breast) + $0.83(crisp mix) + $0.22(cheese) + 2.08(butter) + $0.17(tortillas) +$ 0.92(rice) + $0.30(beans) + $0.16(taco seasoning) = $11.08

Citation: http://www.clarkprosecutor.org/html/death/US/diaz1057.htm

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